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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I start?
The URL for online registration is .  The landing page of the application is tailored to the role of the user.  Students will land on a page where they can see the status of their registration form and read instructions, Advisors will land on a page which includes instructions and a list of their advisees, and administrators will land on a page with general options.

What is online registration?
Online registration provides a digital forum which mimics the current paper registration process.  Students and advisors adjust any subject selections that were submitted during pre-registration, or add subjects to a blank registration form.  After subject selections are finalized, the advisor approves them at which point the student proceeds through a three step submission process.

When can students and advisors access registration?
In general, we anticipate that online registration will open roughly a week before Registration Day for a term and end on Add Date (which is the last day to register without a corresponding petition). Department Administrators will send messages to students and advisors in their department when their registration forms are ready.

I am enrolled in more than one major or program.  Who should approve my registration?

Students who have multiple majors or programs can technially register with any department. However, students are encourage to consult with each department to determine if there is a preferred point for approval.

Do the student and advisor / registration officer have to meet in person?

The MIT Faculty strongly believes that the most effective academic advising occurs in person. As such, students are expected to meet with their Academic Advisors or Registration Officer on or before Registration Day (or at a time coordinated between the parties). This expectation does not change with the introduction of Online Registration.

What is a digital signature?
When logging into the system, each user authenticate’s their identity through Touchstone using an MIT Digital Certificate or Kerberos credentials.  When a user triggers an action such as approving or submitting, the system documents the user, date and time of the action.  This is considered a digital signature.

Why is there a hold on a student’s registration?
The Office of International Students, Student Financial Services, and Medical can place registration holds on student records for various reasons.

Can a student register with a hold?
A student cannot submit a registration form when a hold is present.  However, an Advisor can approve subject selections when a hold is present.

How can a hold be removed?
The source of the hold(s) are listed in the “messages” section of the student’s view of the Registration Form.  Advisors can see that holds are present, but they cannot see the source.  To clear a hold, the student must visit the office(s) that initiated the hold.

Where can I get help?

Help is available online in the form of web-based and PDF manuals. In addition, participants are encouraged to inquire with their Department Academic Administrator or send a message to