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Online Registration Help

administrator landing page

When an Department Administrator enters online registration, the landing page displays all students within the administrator’s authorization.  There is a search area where the user can filter the list of students to be displayed.  The "Email Student List" button allows the advisor to send an email to all or a selected number of advisees with one message.

Administrators who also serve as advisors have the option of filtering only his/her advisees.

Be aware that the inital list of students displays 20 (or less) students. Navigation tools above the list allow you to change pages and/or display more than 20 students at a time.

To access a student’s subject selections, click the “Status” link to the left of the student’s name.

To generate an email to a student, click on the student’s name.

To generate an email to multiple students in one message, click the "Email Student List" button.

To sort the list of student, click on a column label.  Clicking on the same label again will toggle the sort.