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academic advisor / registration officer landing page

When an Academic Advisor or Registration Officer enters online registration, the landing page displays a set of instructions followed by all of the advisor’s students in alphabetical order.  The search tab provides the ability to filter the list via a number of variables. The "Email Student List" button allows the advisor to send an email to all or a selected number of advisees with one message.

Be aware that the inital list of students displays 20 (or less) students. Navigation tools above the list allow you to change pages and/or display more than 20 students at a time.

To access a student’s subject selections, click the “Status” link to the left of the student’s name.

To generate an email to one student, click on the student’s name.

To generate an email to multiple students in one message, click the "Email Student List" button.

To sort the list of student, click on a column label.  Clicking on the same label again will toggle the sort.