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ATTENTION BLACKBERRY USERS: The Blackberry network currently blocks connection to MIT's authentication system (Touchstone). Blackberry users who connect to the internet via a wireless network can access MIT applications such as Online Registration. However, using a cell connection will likely fail. We do not know if/when a resolution will be identified as the issue is managed by Blackberry. We will continue to monitor and research possible solutions.

Accessing Online Registration from an iphone, andriod, or blackberry smartphone will render a page that is formatted for the device. The options available to the user are defined by role. Thus, Academic Advisors / Registration Officers will have the option of viewing and/or approving any of their advisees' registration forms. Students can review subject selections and complete the registration process. There are no specific pages for Administrators.

NOTE: Subject selections cannot be modified in the mobile versions of this application. Users are encouraged to use the desktop version to add, delete or edit subject selections. All other functions in the application can be completed in the mobile versions.