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subject selection page

Adding a Subject

To add a subject, go to the box above the list of subjects and to the left of the “Add” button.  Entering a Course number and decimal point will generate a list of subjects that will be offered in the term*.  Entering any additional numbers after the decimal will constrain the list further.  At any point the user can click a subject number and then click the “Add” button.  Or, the user can type the entire subject number in the box and click the “Add” button.

After clicking “Add”, a window will be generated which displays the subject number, title, units and grading option(s).  After reviewing and entering any data in this window, click “Add” at which point the subject will appear in the subject listing.  Clicking “Save” on the subject selections page will save the subject in the list.


*A subject cannot be added to the subject selection page if it is not offered for the term. Questions about activating a subject number for the term should be directed to the Department Administrator and/or Catalog Coordinator.