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Approve Subject Selections

When the subject selections list is finalized, the advisor or administrator can provide approval by clicking the “Save and Approve” button.  When that button is clicked, the following occurs:

  1. The system validates that the entered data is valid.  If the data is invalid, a message will appear. The user will be required to rectify the error before approval can be submitted. 
  2. The system will display a message that once approval is granted, subject selections cannot be changed by any user (including the student). The user will be required to acknowledge the message to complete the approval process.
  3. The system will log the approval and the user will be redirected to a Registration Summary page.

REMINDER: When subject selections are approved by an Academic Advisor, Registration Officer, or Department Administrator, they become locked. If the form was approved in error, or if a change has to be made before submission, the Academic Advisor or Registration Officer can unlock the subject selections page by revisiting the approved registration form and clicking "Unlock Selections."

After subject selection approval, the student will then be responsible for completing 3 steps before officially submitting their registration.

Any changes after the student has submitted the registration form can be made via the standard Add/Drop process.