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Viewing a Student's Schedule

Registration forms for students who pre-registered for a term will include a "View Pre-Registration Schedule" link on the subject selections page. These schedules are generated once (and only once) by the central system after pre-registration closes, but before registration opens.  The schedules are built using pre-registration selections only.  Clicking the “View Pre-Registration Schedule” link will open a new browser window that displays the student’s pre-registration schedule.  The schedule is also available on WEBSIS.

All registration forms will display an additional link, "View Schedules of Entered Subjects". This link provides a grid view of lecture, recitation, lab and design days/times for the subjects listed on the subject selections page. Note that this tool is an aide to advisors and students who are determining if/when conflicts may be present. It is not an individualized schedule for the student, nor is it a tool to select sections. Please reference our Student Schedules FAQ page for instructions on choosing sections. Be advised that sections cannot be chosen in the registration process - approval and submission of a registration form can occur indepenent of subject selection.