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For Students


Your access to the student information system. Go here to update address and emergency information, view your academic record, pre-register, and more. See also: information about access to and use of your personal record.

Rules for Conducting Classes ("Term Regulations")

Information about official faculty rules and guidelines for the conduct of classes at MIT. Also covers rules for conducting tests outside of scheduled class times, grading policy, final exam regulations, end-of-term assignments, etc.

Registration Instructions

Information on completing Online Registration, registration holds, and late registration.

Add / Drop

How to change your registration.

Online Subject Listing and Schedule

Check here for information on subjects being offered for the current term. New schedules are released approximately one week in advance of pre-registration for the next term. (Pre-registration for IAP and spring opens approximately December 1; pre-registration for summer and fall opens approximately May 1).


Final exam schedule (including conflict exams), test schedule for Science Core, Advanced Standing Examinations. See term regulations for information about rules and policies governing examinations.


Information on grading policies, grade definitions, and GPA calculation.


How to cross-register for a class at Harvard, Wellesley, and the Mass College of Art and Design.

Use of Student Information

Learn about "directory information" and institutional policies concerning the release and use of information about students.

Register to Vote

Information on voter registration.