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Access to and Use of Your Personal Records

Access to your personal academic and financial records is limited to you and MIT officials who have a legitimate educational interest.

The personal records you can access on WebSIS are for internal use only. Printouts of your record are not official and should not be used to provide information to third parties. For example, your internal grade report contains freshman nonpassing grades and grade modifiers (+ and -), both of which are for internal use only and are not intended to be reported externally.

In addition to your access to your personal records, WebSIS provides certain individuals with access to your personal information:

  1. Class lists and prerequisite reports may be viewed, printed, and downloaded by the instructor and departmental administrators. If you are pre-registered or registered for a subject, your name, MIT ID number, year, Course, and email address will appear on the class list. Prerequisite reports are available to instructors and departmental administrators who have requested them. Those reports list the pre-registered or registered students who have not fulfilled prerequisites or co-requisites for the subject. For more information, see policies governing instructors' and administrators' use of Class Lists and Related Records.
  2. Your academic record may be viewed and printed by your faculty advisor and by academic administrators in your department. (For freshmen and undesignated sophomores, your department is the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming.) Advisors and academic administrators can view your current status of registration, grade report, pre-registration, undergraduate degree audit, and term class schedule as you see them.

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