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Graduation Checklist

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Submit an Online Degree Application
To Remove Name from Degree List
Check Degree Requirements
Clear Degree Holds
Attend an Exit Interview


Submit an Online Degree Application

Submit an online degree application for an SB or advanced degree by the deadline. Refer to Dates and Deadlines for specific dates.

The name that appears on the diploma is taken from this application — include accent marks, middle name, etc.

As part of the online degree application, you must indicate whether or not you are planning to attend Commencement in June, pick up your diploma in the Registrar's Office, 5-117, or have your diploma mailed (provide a dependable mailing address). You will be allowed to attend Commencement only if you provide this information.

Graduate students should limit advanced degree thesis titles to 18 words and try to write out technical terms rather than using special notations (subscripts, superscripts, Greek letters, etc.).

If there is any chance you will finish, you should submit the application; there is no fine for coming off the Degree List.

To Remove Name From Degree List

If you decide not to graduate, you should contact your departmental Undergraduate Academic Administrator or Graduate Academic Administrator to have your name removed from the Degree List. Refer to Dates and Deadlines for specific dates.

Check Degree Requirements

Check that your undergraduate degree requirements or graduate degree requirements will be met with the subjects you have successfully completed in prior terms or are taking this term. Undergraduates must fulfill both the General Institute Requirements and their major requirements, as well as any minor requirements. Transfer credit and Incompletes must also be resolved.

If you plan on finishing your degree requirements by not enrolling in any classes at MIT, but by completing an outstanding Incomplete, OX grade, or transferring in credit for work completed at another school, you must still submit a degree application.

To transfer credit you must:

Clear Degree Holds

A degree will not be awarded unless all financial obligations are clear prior to the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) degree meeting for undergraduates, or the Graduate Academic Performance (GAP) degree meeting for graduate students, and there are no pending disciplinary actions. Refer to Dates and Deadlines for specific dates.

Check your account balances on WebSIS. You must pay all outstanding charges on your student account and past due balances on your student loan or your degree will not be awarded. Contact your student account counselor immediately if you have any pending departmental awards, unpaid sponsored billing, or outside scholarships. Unpaid charges due to pending funds must be paid in order to graduate. If you have any questions about charges or credits, contact Student Financial Services, 11-120, in person or by telephone at (617) 258-8600.

If your degree was held previously because of outstanding financial obligations or pending disciplinary actions and you are now clear to graduate, you must submit another online degree application.

Complete Loan Exit Counseling

Students with loans must complete their online exit counseling. Graduating students who have borrowed through the Perkins, Technology, or Federal Direct Student Loan Programs should refer to the instructions in the loan exit counseling email sent by Student Financial Services. For assistance, please email Your degree may be withheld if you fail to complete an exit interview.

For questions related to SB graduation, please contact Jessica Zdon-Smith, 5-117, or at (617) 253-7307.

For questions related to advanced degree graduation, please contact Marti Ward, 5-117, or at (617) 253-5235.