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Dates & Deadlines for February 2015 Graduation

September 2 Tuesday REGISTRATION DAY, Fall Term
  5 Friday DEGREE APPLICATION DEADLINE for February SB and Advanced Degrees. $50 late fee; $85 Late Fee after December 12
      DEADLINE FOR FINAL-TERM SENIORS to submit the HASS Concentration Completion Form. $50 Late Fee
  19 Friday MINOR COMPLETION DEADLINE for submission of Minor Completion Form for final-term seniors. $50 Late Fee
December 10 Wednesday Last day of classes
  12 Friday

Last day to submit Advanced Degree Thesis Title. $85 Late Fee

January 9 Friday THESIS DUE DATE for doctoral degrees
  16 Friday THESIS DUE DATE for degrees other than doctoral
      Last day to go off the February degree list, contact your departmental Undergraduate Academic Administrator or Graduate Academic Administrator to have your name removed from the degree list
February 10 Tuesday Graduate Academic Performance Advanced Degree Candidates Meeting
  13 Friday Committee on Academic Performance SB Degree Candidates Meeting
  18 Wednesday Faculty Officers recommend degrees to the Corporation (Degree Award Date)