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Graduation Information for Undergraduate Students

Students are responsible for understanding and fulfilling all graduation requirements. Undergraduates must make certain they will complete the SB requirements of 180 to 198 units (depending upon major), in addition to the 17-subject General Institute Requirements.

The details of what you need to complete the degree are given at the bottom of your grade report, which is available on WebSIS. For questions about the GIR audit, contact Jessica Zdon-Smith, 5-117, or at (617) 253-7307.

For questions about departmental requirements, contact your department.

Students interested in pursuing a double major must file an application with the Committee on Curricula, 5-115.

To Remove Name from Degree List

If you decide not to graduate, you should contact your departmental Undergraduate Academic Administrator to have your name removed from the Degree List. Refer to Dates and Deadlines for specific dates.

Completion of the General Institute Requirements

Communication Requirement: if you have not completed two CI-H subjects and two CI-M subjects as specified by your major you must contact the Communication Requirement Office, 5-133, (617) 253-2313.

HASS Concentration: You must have filed a HASS Concentration Completion Form with the Office of the HASS Requirement , 5-133, by the deadline. This is true even if you are planning to complete the concentration in the last term.

Physical Education Requirement: If you have not completed the Physical Education requirement by Registration Day of your final term, you must submit a plan to the Physical Education Office. Information on the plan process and instructions for completing the online form are located on the Physical Education website. Your plan must be submitted by the deadline.


If you have an Incomplete grade on your record that was assigned during or after fall term 1996-1997, you must complete the subject in order to graduate. For more information, contact Staff to the Committee on Academic Performance, 7-104, (617) 253-4164.

Transfer credit

If you have any outstanding transfer credit, you must file a Request for Additional Credit Form (signed by the MIT transfer credit examiner), and have the other school send an official transcript directly to the MIT Registrar's Office, 5-117.

Departmental Approval

Your department will approve your degree application later in the term. Since you must be recommended by the department for a degree, your department or faculty advisor will verify that your program satisfies the department's as well as the Institute's requirements and that you are currently registered so as to successfully complete all requirements by the end of the term.

Degree Candidates Meeting

At the degree meeting of the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP), the departments recommend which candidates should be awarded degrees and which should be removed from the Degree List.

All grades for degree candidates must be submitted in writing to the Registrar's Office, 5-117, prior to the CAP degree meeting. Refer to Dates and Deadlines for specific dates.

For questions regarding the CAP degree candidates meeting, contact Staff to the Committee on Academic Performance, 7-104, (617) 253-4164.

For questions related to SB graduation, please contact Jessica Zdon-Smith,
5-117, or at (617) 253-7307.