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Apostille Certifications

The Apostille is much like an international notary, with rules and regulations agreed upon in the Hague Convention of 1961. The Apostille process serves as a way for documents to be recognized across international borders. If you are overseas and your home country requires a certified copy of your diploma or some other element of your academic record, our office can help you through this very complicated procedure.

It should be noted that in many cases when your home country requests a certified copy of your diploma, what they are really requesting is a document that certifies that you have attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and that you were awarded the degree that you claim to have been awarded. We offer several options for satisfying this request.

Keep in mind when choosing one of these options that as part of the notary process, we must make a photocopy of the original document, notarize that photocopy, and then forward it to the Massachusetts State House.

Once you have chosen which document you would like to use, you should review the Apostille instructions listed on the Massachusetts Secretary of State's website.

You will notice on their website a statement which reads: "Photocopied signatures which appear on a document cannot be certified." This means that the notary signature must be original. We have a member of the notary public available here to handle that part of the process. There is no charge for the notary service.

Here is a step-by-step guide for having the document(s) you choose certified and sent.

  1. Choose which of our documents you would like to have certified. You may choose more than one.

  2. Follow the instructions for ordering each document you need. Instructions are found by following the links in the sidebar.

  3. Include instructions with your request for us to have the documents notarized and prepared for the Apostille.

  4. You will need to mail your request to us. After we produce and notarize the document(s), you will then need to have them forwarded to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, according to their instructions.

  5. To follow the Apostille instructions, you will need to include the following in the request you send us:

    • A letter addressed to the Secretary's office requesting the Apostille, with instructions for them to follow regarding how and where they should mail it when they have finished the Apostille.

    • An addressed envelope for them to use to send the document for you. They will not provide their own envelope.

    • A check to cover their fee for the Apostille
  6. Finally, if you provide express shipping envelopes and prepared express shipping airway bills, we can send the document to the State House accordingly. Mail all of the above to us at:

    Apostille Certifications
    Registrar's Office
    MIT 5-117
    77 Massachusetts Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02139

  7. We will forward the notarized document(s), the letter for the Secretary's office, the envelope they will use, and the check according to instructions that you provide in your request.

The Apostille process can be very complicated. We are happy to help you navigate through getting your academic record recognized in your home country. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your request.

Questions? We may be reached by phone at (617) 253-2658 or by email.