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Enrollment Certifications

Enrollment certifications provide official proof of your current enrollment at MIT. There are a variety of common reasons why you may be asked to provide this proof, such as for scholarships or insurance, or for opportunities such as potential internships or employment. (If you are a former student requiring some official certification, please see the instructions for degree certifications.)

Certifications can be obtained online through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), or from the Student Services Center in 11-120. There are differences in the content produced by either source.

The online NSC certification includes:

Note that the NSC records only go back to 2008. If you require enrollment information from earlier than that time, you may need to request the certification from MIT.

An enrollment certification generated here at MIT includes:

If you require a certification that includes enrollment data for each term you have been registered, please see the instructions for loan deferment letters.

If you require a schedule or list of subjects you are currently registered for, please see the instructions for subject registration letters. Please note that there is no official schedule that can be produced, but the subject registration letter may fulfill a similar need.

How to Order Online

Current students may obtain an electronic (.pdf) document through the National Student Clearinghouse.

How to Order a Paper Copy in Person

Visit the Student Services Center in 11-120 with your MIT ID. The SSC is open:

Note that the paper copy can also include your:

Other Options

You can order a copy by fax, mail, or email. In each case, we need you to provide:

Current students, please send your request to the Student Services Center at:

If you are no longer registered but still in need of something certifying your student loan status for a past term, you may request that from the Registrar's Office at: