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End-of-Term Transcripts

Transcripts with Fall grades will be available starting Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

IAP grades will be posted to transcripts on February 6, 2015.

Transcripts with February degrees will be available on February 20, 2015, after degrees are awarded by the Faculty and Corporation.

If you need a transcript with Fall grades, IAP grades, and/or a February degree you may place your order online. During the ordering process, you will have the opportunity to hold your request for grades or a degree.

NOTE: If you place an order with the hold for grades option on or after December 31, the order will be held until IAP grades are posted on February 6. If you only need the Fall term grades, do not use the hold for grades option on or after December 31.

If you cross-registered this term please remember that other schools have different end-of-term schedules. Your grade from the other school may not be received and posted to your record by Wednesday, December 31.