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Alternative Ordering Methods

Former students who do not have access to online ordering can request transcripts in one of the following methods:

How to order by mail

Please note: Each transcript is issued to a specific recipient (a person, school, company, or organization). For students who attended MIT in 1994 or later, the name of the recipient is printed on the transcript. You may request one of the following for each transcript you order:

If you are providing a transcript to a third party, follow their instructions carefully regarding submission of your transcript. Be advised that in some cases, a transcript issued to you, the student, will be rejected.

All transcripts are packaged in separate sealed envelopes. If more than one transcript is sent to the same address, the transcripts will be in separate sealed envelopes and mailed together in a single larger envelope.

To order: Open the Transcript Request Form with Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Please type your information into the form and then print it. Be sure to sign the form; unsigned requests will not be processed.

If you cannot download the form, you may send a signed and dated letter to the Registrar which includes the following:

The fee is $8.00 per transcript. Additional charges apply if you need express shipping. Payment can be made with a check or money order made payable to MIT. Please note that we cannot accept cash. Credit cards can only be used via our online service.

Please mail your request and payment to:

Registrar's Office                   
MIT 5-117
77 Massachusetts Ave           
Cambridge, MA 02139

How to order in person

Former students who wish to place an order in person should follow the instructions above and visit the Registrar's Office, 5-117.

Picking up a paper transcript

Paper transcripts that were ordered for pick-up via the online service can be obtained as follows:

  • Currently registered students
Student Service Center, 11-120
  • Students who participated in the Cambridge-MIT Exchange Program
Registrar's Office, 5-117
  • All Others
Registrar's Office, 5-117

Most transcripts can be held for pick-up within one business day. You may also have us hold the transcript for pick-up after the degree award is noted or the latest grades become official. See information about end-of-term transcripts for these dates.

Questions? Please call (617) 253-2658 or send email to