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Address Maintenance

Students are responsible for maintaining a current term address and home address on WebSIS. International students must also provide SEVIS addresses.

Term Address

If you live off-campus, you must provide your term address on WebSIS and update it immediately if it changes.

If you live in a MIT residence or dormitory, your term address will be automatically maintained on WebSIS by the Housing Office, via their billing system. If you want your cell phone as your primary phone, you should provide it on WebSIS.

For a family of two students in family housing, the Housing Office maintains address information only for the student being billed. The other student must provide his or her term address on WebSIS.

If you move out of a MIT residence or dorm, your term address from Housing will remain on WebSIS until you are no longer being billed. Once the dorm address is removed, you should go into WebSIS and provide your off-campus address. Until billing has ended, you may provide an off-campus term address in the Temporary Address field.

See Graduate Housing for detailed information on graduate and family housing or email

See Undergraduate Housing for information on undergraduate residences or email

Home Address

Your home address on WebSIS comes from Admissions and is the home address you provided when you applied to MIT.

SEVIS Addresses

SEVIS US Address: This address is where you physically live during your time at MIT and in the US. This address will be reported directly to the US Government via SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) to fulfill your address reporting requirements. All international students are required to report new changes of address on WebSIS within 10 days of a move; no post office boxes are allowed. (This address could be the same address as your “Term Address” on WebSIS.)

SEVIS International Address: This address is your permanent international home address. This address is required by the US Government and will be reported to the Government via SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System.) The Government expects that all international students have a home address that is outside the US. (This address could be the same address as your “Parents/Home Address” on WebSIS.)