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Section Changes

Your class schedule is based on pre-registration and includes the results of the Sloan bidding system, the CI-H/HW subject enrollment process, and any subject lotteries.

Timetables with times and locations for lecture, recitation and lab sections are available in the Fall 2015 Class Schedule.

To change/add a recitation or lecture section for most subjects, including those on the table below, you will need to do the following:

- Go to the Stellar subject homepage and follow the specific instructions noted.
- If there are no specific instructions, then you will need to choose a section that fits into your schedule, go to that class meeting and speak with the instructor.

Starting When?
Wednesday, 9/9
5.111, 5.12  
Attend 1st class lecture (mandatory)
Thursday, 9/10
7.012, 7.015,
Wednesday, 9/9
8.01, 8.01L,  
8.021, 8.022
Wednesday, 9/9
18.01, 18.01A, 
18.014, 18.02,
18.03, 18.06

Wednesday, 9/9