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Tuition and Fees 2018-2019

Tuition for the forthcoming academic year is set each March by the MIT Corporation based on a recommendation from Academic Council. For academic year 2018-2019, tuition has been set as follows (per term unless otherwise stated):

  Summer Fall/Spring

Full Tuition (Undergraduate and Graduate students)

Per Unit Charge $540 $800
Pro-rated Tuition
(applies to graduate students who complete their thesis early and to any students who withdraw during a term)
Summer 2018 Fall 2018
Spring 2019

Minimum Charge, Undergraduate
(covers up to 6 units of registration, see Light Load Tuition information)

$3,120 $4,800

Minimum Charge, Undergraduate when registered for SB Thesis Only
(see Light Load Tuition information)

(covers 3 units of registration)
(covers 2 units of registration)
Off-campus internship tuition (35% maximum tuition charge for programs approved by the Provost) $2,160 $9,015
Non-resident doctoral candidate - First three semesters N/A $1,290
Non-resident doctoral candidate - Fourth and subsequent semesters N/A $3,865
Non-Institute Visting Students N/A Fall - $1,500
Spring - $1,200
Center for Real Estate - SM Program $18,867 $28,301
System Design and Management and Integrated Design and Management Programs Consult Program Office
Supply Chain Management: Master's Program in Logistics $74,200 (academic year)
Supply Chain Management: Five-month Blended Program N/A $44,520


Payment of full tuition in either fall or spring terms also covers subjects taken for academic credit during the January Independent Activities Period (IAP).

There are a number of miscellaneous fees associated with applying to MIT and registration. These are set out in the table of Miscellaneous Fees.

For more information about tuition rates and pro-ration, please contact Peter Hayes, Associate Registrar.

If you need assistance with your MITPAY Student Account, please contact your Student Financial Services Counselor for Customer Service.