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Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

Tuition for the forthcoming academic year is set each March by the MIT Corporation based on a recommendation from Academic Council. For academic year 2017-2018, tuition has been set as follows (per term unless otherwise stated):

  Summer Fall/Spring

Full Tuition (Undergraduate and Graduate students)

Per Unit Charge $520 $770
Pro-rated Tuition
(applies to graduate students who complete their thesis early and to any students who withdraw during a term)
Summer 2017 Fall 2017
Spring 2018

Minimum Charge, Undergraduate
(covers up to 6 units of registration, see Light Load Tuition information)

$3,120 $4,620

Minimum Charge, Undergraduate when registered for SB Thesis Only
(see Light Load Tuition information)

(covers 3 units of registration)
(covers 2 units of registration)
Off-campus internship tuition (35% maximum tuition charge for programs approved by the Provost) $5,780 $8,675
Center for Real Estate - SM Program $18,158 $27,237
Supply Chain Management: Master of Engineering in Logistics Program $71,000 (academic year)
Sloan School of Management Degree Programs See Sloan Tuition Page
Special Students See Special Student Tuition
Visiting Students See Visiting Student Fees
Professional Education Advanced Study Program Consult Program Office
System Design and Management Program Consult Program Office


Payment of full tuition in either fall or spring terms also covers subjects taken for academic credit during the January Independent Activities Period (IAP).

There are a number of miscellaneous fees associated with applying to MIT and registration. These are set out in the table of Miscellaneous Fees.

For more information about tuition rates and pro-ration, please contact Peter Hayes, Associate Registrar.

If you need assistance with your MITPAY Student Account, please contact your Student Financial Services Counselor for Customer Service.