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Graduate Fall and Spring Tuition 2014-2015

Full regular tuition per term for fall and spring is $22,360. Payment of full tuition in either fall or spring terms also covers subjects offered for academic credit during the January independent activities period (IAP). Summer tuition charges for graduate students are detailed on the Summer 2014 Tuition page.

Doctoral students approved for non-resident status are charged $1,118 for the first three semesters of non-resident registration and $3,354 for the fourth and subsequent semesters as a non-resident.

Graduate students participating during either fall or spring term in off-campus internship programs approved by the Provost’s Office will be charged 35% of the maximum tuition charge. The current charge is $7,826.

There are a number of miscellaneous fees associated with applying to MIT and registration. These are set out in the table of Miscellaneous Fees.

Information for graduate students who finish their thesis early is available on these Pro-ration Tables. Information about tuition pro-ration is also available on these pages for students who withdraw during the term. Separate information about registration rules and associated tuition charges for graduate thesis registration is available on the Graduate Thesis Rules tables.

Graduate programs in the Sloan School of Management have special tuition rates detailed on the Sloan School Tuition page.

Certain other graduate programs at MIT have greater tuition charges. These are detailed at Other Programs with 'Non Standard' Tuition.

Special graduate students and non-institute graduate visiting students should refer to the tuition and fee information specific to special students and visiting students.

For more information about tuition rates and pro-ration, please contact Peter Hayes, Associate Registrar.

If you need assistance with your MITPAY Student Account, please contact your Student Financial Services Counselor for Customer Service.