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Miscellaneous Fees 2014-2015

There are a number of miscellaneous fees associated with applying to MIT and registration. These are set out below.

Student Activity Fee, per term


Application Fee: Undergraduate


Application Fee: Graduate and Special (including Sloan School of Management Doctoral Program)


Application Fee: Sloan School of Management Master’s Degree Programs


Late pre-registration; late registration; late change in registration; late degree application


Late graduate thesis title change


Very late degree application; very late pre-registration


Very late registration; late application for non-resident doctoral status


Library thesis processing fee: doctoral degrees (includes $50 for scanning and processing and $65 for abstracting)


Library thesis processing fee: All other advanced degrees (scanning and processing)



For more information, or to ask about specific tuition situations, please contact Peter Hayes, Associate Registrar, (617) 258-6406.