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How to Enter and Submit Subjects

  • Make sure you choose the correct term from the list.
  • To enter subjects directly, type in the complete subject number.
  • Thesis should be entered as dept#.thu (undergraduate) or dept#.thg (graduate). For example: 2.thu or 17.thg
  • UROP should include the department. For example, 7.ur or 7.urg. DIFFERENT GRADING APPLIES: dept#.ur is graded P/D/F, dept#.urg is graded A/B/C/D/F.
  • To delete a subject entered in an earlier session, choose delete using the status button to the left of the subject number. To delete a subject you just entered, blank it out.
  • You must click the 'Submit Subjects' button after entering or changing subjects. This takes you to a page to review your selections. Correct any subjects with error messages.
  • When you are done, click the 'Finished' button to complete pre-registration.
  • Once you have submitted your pre-registration, you may go back in and modify your subject selections until pre-registration closes: 5 PM on Thursday, December 28 for spring and 5 PM on Friday, January 12 for IAP.

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