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Sophomore Exploratory Option

From Registration Day through Add Date, sophomores may designate one subject as Exploratory in each of their fall and spring semesters.

An Exploratory subject is one in which the student may either accept the grade awarded or change the subject to Listener status. No action is needed to retain the grade and units.

Sophomores may designate any subject as Exploratory, including an Institute or departmental requirement or a cross-registered subject taken at another school.

Two deadlines have been established specifically for Exploratory subjects. Sophomores may:

Students receive no credit for Listener subjects, and Listener subjects do not appear on students' transcripts (external record).

The regular deadlines for adding and dropping subjects and for changing from Listener to credit remain in effect.

Once the student's advisor has approved the registration selections for the term, changes must be made using the Online Add Drop application.

Add Date: Friday, March 9
Drop Date: Thursday, April 26

ACTION Deadline
Designate a subject as Exploratory. Add Date
Switch the Exploratory designation between subjects. Add Date
Add a subject to your registration that you want to designate as Exploratory. Add Date
Remove the Exploratory designation from a subject and remain registered for the subject. Add Date
Drop an Exploratory subject from your registration. Drop Date
Change an Exploratory subject from Listener to credit. Add Date
Change an Exploratory subject from credit to Listener. Registration Day of Your Next Semester


Exceptions to the Registration deadline are allowed in the following cases: