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Freshman Grading

In the first semester and the January Independent Activities Period (IAP) freshmen are graded on a Pass or No Record basis in all subjects they take, where P (passing) means C- or better performance. Freshmen earn no credit for subjects with D and F grades.

In the second semester, freshmen are graded on an A, B, C or No Record basis. They continue to earn no credit for subjects with D and F grades.

Subjects with a grade of P, A, B or C appear on both the student’s grade report and transcript.

Subjects with a grade of D, F, O or OX are only reported internally. They appear on the grade report but do not appear on the transcript. On the grade report these grades are followed by an N indicating no external record.

A grade point average (GPA) is calculated for freshmen starting in the second semester.

Freshman grading is designed to ease the transition from high school by giving students time to adjust to factors like increased workloads and variations in academic preparation. A, B, and C grades are used during the second semester so that freshmen can begin the progression to regular A-F grading in the sophomore year.

P Grades for First Semester and IAP

Instructors submit to the Registrar regular letter grades for freshmen in the first semester and IAP. These grades are recorded on the student’s record as P, DN, or FN.

The A, B, and C grades which appear as P on the student’s record are communicated only to advisors and students. The “hidden” A, B, C grades are used within MIT for academic advising functions.