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Changing a Grade

Grades cannot be changed except to correct errors or to fulfill specific provisions under O, OX and I grades. A grade can never be changed as the result of additional work done by the student after the final grade was submitted.

To change a grade, the Instructor must submit a Special Report Sheet, approved by the Department Head, to the Registrar's Office, 5-117.

If a student wishes to dispute a grade, he or she should contact the Instructor. If the Instructor does not support the student's request to change a grade, the student may appeal to the Department Head and then to the Dean of the School.

Once a degree is awarded or if a student otherwise leaves MIT, there is a three-month period when certain changes can be made to the student's record. Students may request late adds and drops to correct registration errors in the final term; graduate students may complete an Incomplete received in the final term; and grades may be changed to correct errors. After the three-month period the student's record is sealed.