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Incomplete Work

Undergraduate Students

If the grade of I has been received, the completion date for outstanding work normally should be before Add Date of the succeeding regular term (fall or spring). However, the instructor, in negotiation with the student, has the right to set an earlier or later date for pedagogical reasons or extenuating circumstances.

The instructor is required to submit an Instructor’s Report form for every Incomplete grade reported for an undergraduate. On the form the instructor provides the date by which the outstanding work is to be completed and a default grade. The default grade represents the grade the student would have earned, using appropriately low scores for the missing work.

If the subject has not been completed by Add Date of the succeeding regular term, the default grade will be posted to the student's record unless a later deadline has been specifically agreed between the instructor and the student.

Once a default grade has been posted, it is still open to the student to complete the outstanding work while s/he remains a registered student. When the instructor submits a grade which includes completion of the missing work it replaces the default grade on the student's record.

The I grade remains on a student's internal grade report and external transcript. When a final grade or default grade is recorded it appears next to the I grade (e.g., I/B).

No grade of I can be assigned to any student in the semester in which he or she graduates. All grades of Incomplete must be resolved prior to graduation. See more information on resolution of Incompletes.

Graduate Students

If the grade of I has been received, the outstanding work must be completed before the end of the fifth week of the succeeding term of the regular academic year. Graduate students may extend the five-week deadline with the explicit approval of the faculty member in charge.

The grade of I will remain on the transcript and will not be converted to any other grade, even if the work is never completed. Once the work has been completed, the internal grade report and external transcript will show the final grade next to the I grade (e.g., I/B).

For more information, contact the Registrar's Office, 5-117.