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Junior-Senior P/D/F Option

Over their junior and senior years, undergraduate students may register for a total of two elective subjects in which they choose to receive a P/D/F rather than regular grades, where P means C- or better performance.

These subjects cannot be used to fulfill the General Institute Requirements, minor requirements, or departmental requirements. However, the subjects will count in the total of units completed beyond the General Institute Requirements. See your undergraduate degree audit on WebSIS.

They may be taken in the same term or in separate terms, including IAP.

A P grade is not used in computing term and cumulative GPAs but D and F grades are used.

The student must submit an Add/Drop Form before the end of the fifth week of the term (Add Date) if he or she decides to change the P/D/F designation for a subject. Changes may not be made in this designation after the fifth week of the term.

Registering for a subject specifically designated as P/D/F in the MIT Course Catalog and online subject listing does not count as using the Junior-Senior P/D/F option.