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Listener Status (Auditing)

MIT students may audit subjects to acquire knowledge for self-enrichment or intellectual curiosity. Classes taken on Listener status do not count toward degree requirements, course load, or enrollment status. They do not earn units of credit or appear on any external record or official transcript.

No person shall attend any class unless he or she is registered for the subject either for credit or as a listener. Listener status may be allowed or disallowed in any regular subject at the discretion of the instructor; UROP and other individualized subjects are excluded from Listener status. Instructors are encouraged to inform students on the first day of class if listeners are not permitted in his/her class. In subjects in which Listener status is permitted, a listener’s degree of participation is determined by the instructor’s policy or is agreed upon between the instructor and listener. Students should check with the instructor and their advisor before enrolling in a subject as a listener.

Students may register in a subsequent term and receive credit for a subject which they have previously taken as a listener. However, they may not petition to take an Advanced Standing Exam in a subject they have previously taken as a listener.

Selecting Listener Status

Students may elect Listener status at the time of pre-registration, registration, during Add/Drop periods, or after deadlines via petition.

Please begin any changes to registration at least a day before the relevant deadline, so that all approvers will have time to review your request. Remember also that you must submit the form to the Registrar online after approvers have reviewed your request. Deadlines are set at 11:59 pm on Add and Drop Dates.

Undergraduates should complete an undergraduate petition and submit it to the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP).

Graduate students should complete a graduate petition and submit it to the Office of Graduate Education (OGE).


Students enrolled full-time in a degree program may register for regularly offered subjects as listeners without payment of additional tuition. Special (non-degree) students and degree students registered for a light load are charged tuition for subjects taken as listeners on a per-unit basis at the same rate as subjects taken for credit.