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Student Schedules - Frequently Asked Questions

One or more of my subjects does not display a schedule. Why?

If there is a conflict between one or more subjects, then our scheduling algorithm could not find a conflict-free schedule for the combination of subjects you selected, and no sections were assigned for this subject. The online subject listing is the official source of schedule information for all subjects/sections and is a good place to start if you would like to research any adjustments to your schedule.

Please note that the absence of a schedule for a class does not remove it from your registration. You are encouraged to drop any classes you do not plan to take as soon as possible.

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My schedule includes overlapping classes that are not flagged as conflicts. What does that mean?

Some combinations of classes have matching or overlapping schedules, but departments manage the logistics to prevent conflicts because concurrent enrollment in both subjects is not uncommon. Contact the department or instructor if you have specific questions about your schedule. The following are examples of subject combinations with this arrangement:

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If there is a conflict, what determines which of the conflicting classes will show a schedule?

The scheduling algorithm is designed to optimize all subject requests with minimal conflicts. The schedule you see is the result of the optimization algorithm.

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Will I be registered for all the subjects listed on my schedule?

For the Spring 2018 term, all student schedules will be run on Thursday, January 25 and based on your pre-registration.

If you completed the online registration process before schedules were generated, your schedule will show the classes for which you are registered. (You can verify your Status of Registration on WebSIS.) However, if you pre-registered and did not submit your online registration before schedules were generated (for the fall term only), your schedule will reflect what you chose during pre-registration.

If your schedule is based on pre-registration selections, you must still complete the registration process. To do so, meet with your advisor to discuss your plans and submit your registration online to the Registrar after your advisor approves your subject selections.

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In the spring I get my schedule right after pre-registration closes. Why the delay in the fall?

In order to achieve the greatest optimization of scheduling, we must collect as much information as possible about students’ subject selections before running the schedules.

For the fall term, first year students make their subject selections during Orientation Week. By delaying the generation of everyone’s schedule until after new students have registered, we can provide the greatest benefit for the most students.

For the spring term, the schedules will be run shortly after pre-registration ends, as all students’ subject selections will have been collected. This is roughly two weeks earlier than in the fall term.

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I want to change the section assignment I received for one or more subjects. How do I do this?

For Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math GIR subjects, go to Section Changes for information on how to change your section. You may also find instructons on the subject's Stellar site or department homepage. In most cases, you should just attend the section that best fits into your schedule.

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My HASS class and one of my other classes conflict with each other. How do I fix this problem?

Check to see whether there is another lecture or recitation section available for the class that conflicts with your HASS class. If not, you should choose between the conflicting classes. You can see a list of the lectures and recitations for any class by referring to its description in the online subject listing. For a list of all scheduled lectures and recitations by department, refer to the class schedule list. (This list is not updated after the fifth week of the term.)

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I requested a CI-H or CI-HW class, but I do not see it on my schedule. What do I do?

If the CI-H or CI-HW subject that you requested is not on your class schedule, the algorithm did not assign you to the subject. However, you may add your name to the waitlist of any subject in which you are interested. A link to the CI-H/HW waitlist page will be available on the WebSIS student page after schedules have been run.

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One or more of my classes is using Stellar. When will my name appear on the Stellar class list?

If you pre-registered for the class, your name will be carried forward to Stellar’s pre-registration class list about a week before the start of classes. If you add the class later (either as you register for the term or by submitting an Add form), your name will be picked up by Stellar after your registration is processed. If you need assistance with Stellar, write to

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If a section of an enrollment limited subject conflicts with personal time that I blocked out in my schedule, will my chance of getting into the class be reduced?

No. The scheduling algorithm does take free time into account in building a schedule, but if a subject conflicts with free time, the subject will take precedence. However, when a subject has enrollment limitations, there may be additional requirements to meet before registration is considered final. For example, a subject may require students to pre-register and/or prioritize students in a particular course or year.

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Can I import my schedule to my personal calendar?

No. This option is not yet available.

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Is my schedule updated when I add and drop subjects?

Dropped subjects will be removed from your schedule grid.
Added subjects will only appear on your list of registered subjects; they will not appear in the schedule grid.

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Where is my schedule in the online registration form?

If you pre-registered, your pre-registration schedule is available on your Online Registration Form.  The “View Pre-Registration Schedule” link is located about 1/3 down from the top of the page on the right-hand side.

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My schedule disappeared from WebSIS. How can I verify whether it is accurate?

Your schedule is available on WebSIS only through the first week of the term. To verify the subjects for which you are registered, go to WebSIS and view your Status of Registration. If you have any questions about your registration, write to

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updated August 2017