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Minors in Science, Engineering, and Architecture

Subject requirements are listed in the MIT Course Catalog under the department which offers the minor. The requirements for minors in Astronomy and Biomedical Engineering are listed under interdisciplinary programs. For instructions contact the Undergraduate Office in your field of interest.

Minor Fields

Field Undergraduate Office
Architecture 7-337
Astronomy 4-315
Biology 68-120
Biomedical Engineering 16-267
Brain and Cognitive Sciences 46-2005
Chemistry 6-205
Civil Engineering 1-281
Design 7-304
Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences 54-910
Environmental Engineering Science 1-281
Materials Science and Engineering 6-107
Mathematics E18-366
Mechanical Engineering 1-110
Nuclear Science and Engineering 24-102
Physics 4-315
Toxicology and Environmental Health 56-651