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IAP 2018 Pre-registration | Spring 2018 Pre-registration

Spring Pre-registration Instructions

  1. You may either enter your subjects directly in subject selection following these instructions, or auto-submit your subjects to pre-registration from the Subject Listing and Schedule. The advanced search feature can help you find subjects that fit your interests or schedule.

  2. Current pre-registration selections can be viewed on the pre-registration summary page.

  3. Students taking only thesis or research must pre-register.

  4. Students interested in pre-registering for Communication-Intensive HASS (CI-H or CI-HW) will be prompted to use a CI-H/HW Selector Tool where they will have the opportunity to request prioritized scheduling for one or two CI-H/HW subjects with alternatives for each, or place themselves on a wait list. More information is available on the CI-H/HW Selector Tool instructional website. The deadline to make CI-H/HW selections is the same as the final pre-registration deadline: Thursday, January 18 at 5 PM.

  5. Sloan Course Bidding (Course 15) for non-Sloan students is open from December 12 at 12 PM to December 15 at 12 PM. There are additional rounds for open add/drop and waitlist bidding for closed courses.

Deadlines and Late Fees

The deadline for continuing students to initiate pre-registration is 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 28 ($50 late fee). The deadline to request priority scheduling for CI-H/HW choices using the selector tool is 5 PM on Thursday, January 18. An $85 fine applies for students who fail to pre-register by 5 PM on Thursday, January 18.

How to check your pre-registration once it is submitted

Go to the pre-registration summary page to check on your current subject selections. This page displays what pre-registration is on file with the Registrar's Office.

After Pre-registration Closes

Your pre-registration is replaced with your class schedule on WebSIS when pre-registration closes. Schedules will be run for all students on Thursday, January 25. The class schedule includes the subjects you pre-registered for and the results of the new CI-H/HW enrollment process and Sloan Bidding.

All students will be using the online registration application to register for classes. Registration for Spring opens on Monday, January 29. See Registration Instructions.

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