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Retaining Student Status

A person becomes an MIT student at the start of the term for which he or she is admitted or readmitted. Regular student status is retained until graduation, unless the student withdraws or is disqualified.

Fall and Spring Terms

For the fall and spring terms, undergraduate and graduate students must complete the three steps listed below in order to continue student status during that term:

  1. Pre-registration must be completed according to instructions issued by the Registrar's office.
  2. All Institute and Fraternity/Sorority/Independent Living Group charges must be paid when due, or satisfactory alternative arrangements must be made with Student Financial Services or the FSILG.
  3. Online Registration must be approved by the student's advisor or registration officer. The student is responsible for completing the registration process and submitting the digital form.

Students who do not complete these steps by the published deadlines are subject to fines. Failure to pay charges and complete registration by the end of the second week of the term will result in the loss of student status. People on campus who are not registered during a term are not considered students and have no student privileges.

Summer Term and IAP

Undergraduate and graduate students registered in the spring term who do not graduate or withdraw from MIT retain their student status through the following summer, whether or not they register for the summer session; they cease being students if they do not register in the fall. Graduate students making progress toward a degree during the summer must register for the summer session in accordance with Graduate Policies and Procedures.

Students do not have to register for the January Independent Activities Period to retain student status between fall and spring terms.