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Harvard Cross-registration Instructions for MIT Students


How to Cross-register:

Spring registration for Harvard schools can be initiated after your registration form has been submitted for MIT subjects. For most subjects, Online Registration will open at 9 AM on Monday, January 29. Cross-registration for subjects at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) or Harvard Business School (HBS), however, will open on Friday, January 12 at 5 PM.  

After submitting your registration, go to MIT's online add/drop application. In the "Add Subjects" section, enter a search term or Harvard subject number in the “Add Harvard Subject” field. Once the dropdown display populates, select the desired subject and proceed with the usual add subject process.

Clicking the “Submit for Approval” button will automatically send the information to Harvard, where the instructor will approve. Once this approval is given, the information is sent back to MIT and your advisor will receive a notification to approve the add request in the MIT add/drop system. Once this approval is given, you will need to submit the approved Harvard add to the MIT Registrar as you would with any other add request.


General Information About Harvard Cross-registration

STEP 1: Confirm your eligibility
Full-time sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students are eligible to cross-register for academic subjects offered at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences or one of Harvard's professional schools. First-year students (including first-year students who declare Early Sophomore Standing) are not eligible for cross-registration.

NOTE: Undergraduates may not cross-register at the Harvard Business School, Harvard Extension School or Harvard Summer School. You must abide by the rules of both MIT and the Harvard school into which you are cross-registering.

STEP 2: Choose your subject
The Harvard course catalog is available online. It is searchable by term, school, and keyword.

STEP 3: Meet the deadlines
Students must meet the earlier of MIT’s or Harvard’s cross-registration and add/drop/change deadlines. The deadlines for cross-registration differ across the schools at Harvard. Refer to the Harvard Coordinated Academic Calendar for the specific deadlines of each Harvard school. MIT’s deadline for completing cross-registration is Add Date (end of the fifth week of the term).

STEP 4: Create a cross-registration request

Follow the steps set out above to create your cross-registration request.

STEP 5: Check your registration status on WebSIS
To confirm that your cross-registration is complete, check that your Harvard subjects are appearing in your status of registration on WebSIS. Your registration should be updated soon after you submit your approved changes to the Registrar’s Office.