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Harvard Cross-registration Instructions for MIT Undergraduate Students

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How to Cross-register
Dropping a Subject
Grading and Credit
Full-year Harvard Classes



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How to Cross-register

Complete all of the following steps to ensure successful cross-registration.

STEP 1: Confirm your eligibility

Full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to cross-register for academic subjects offered at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences or one of Harvard's professioanl schools. First-year students (including freshmen who declare Early Sophomore Standing) are not eligible for cross-registration.

Note: Undergraduates may not cross-register at the Harvard Business School, Harvard Extension School or Harvard Summer school.

You must abide by the rules of both MIT and the Harvard school into which you are cross-registering.

STEP 2: Choose your subject

The Harvard course catalog is available online. It is searchable by term, school, and keyword.

STEP 3: Meet the deadlines

Students must meet the earlier of MIT’s or Harvard’s cross-registration and add/drop/change deadlines. The deadlines for cross-registration differ across the schools at Harvard. At some Harvard schools (for example, the Harvard Business School), the deadline to cross-register falls before or during the first week of classes at MIT. Refer to the Harvard Coordinated Academic Calendar for the specific deadlines of each Harvard school.

MIT’s deadline for completing cross-registration is Add Date (end of the fifth week of the term).

STEP 4: Submit a cross-registration form at MIT's Student Services Center

Complete a cross-registration form and have it signed by your Faculty Advisor. NOTE: Subjects cannot be taken as a listener at the Harvard Law School. Bring 2 copies of the signed form to the Student Services Center, 11-120. The staff at the front desk there will date stamp both copies of the form and return one copy to you for your records. You do not need to bring a copy of the paper form to Harvard. You do need to follow STEP 5 in these instructions to submit Harvard's online cross-registration petition.

STEP 5: Complete Harvard's online cross-registration petition

The Harvard cross-registration petition is available online to MIT students. To access the online form, you must first create a Harvard XID account using your MIT email address. If you have cross-registered at Harvard in a previous term you may use an existing Harvard XID to cross-register, but not an HUID. If you log in to Harvard's system with an HUID, you will not be able to access online cross-registration.

After submitting Harvard's online form, your cross-registration will be sent to the appropriate Harvard instructor and registrar for approval.

Please refer to Harvard's instructions on how to submit your Harvard online cross-registration petition.

STEP 6: Check your status of registration on WebSIS

To confirm that your cross-registration is complete, check that your Harvard subjects are appearing in your status of registration on WebSIS. It takes some time for cross-registration paperwork to be processed at the beginning of the term. If a Harvard subject does not appear on your status of registration on WebSIS by the end of the fourth week of the term, please check with the MIT Registrar’s Office.

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Dropping a Harvard Subject

MIT students may now drop Harvard subjects using the new Online Add Drop application.

The MIT Registrar’s Office will then notify the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office that you have dropped the subject.

If the Harvard subject is dropped before MIT’s drop deadline but after Harvard’s, the subject will be dropped from your MIT record but it will not be dropped at Harvard. This means your Harvard record will show either a failing or missing grade. However, in this case, any failing grade sent to the MIT Registrar’s Office from Harvard will not be posted on your MIT record.

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Grading and Credit

The MIT Registrar’s Office will assign units for Harvard subjects. See conversion of Harvard credits to MIT units.

Harvard subjects appear on your MIT transcript with an ‘HA’ prefix for Harvard followed by a letter denoting the particular school (for example, HAA for Faculty of Arts and Sciences). The number used is the Harvard catalog number.

See the translation table of the grades used by the various Harvard schools and how they compare to MIT grades.

MIT Juniors and Seniors can elect to use their Jr-Sr P/D/F option for a Harvard class. Please note that in such cases the subject cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements, including the required subject units for any degree program.

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Full-year Harvard Classes

Some Harvard classes are offered for the full academic year. A separate cross-registration petition must be completed to register for each portion of the class.

When the subject is completed, the final grade is applied to both terms of registration.

If a student decides not to register for the second part of the course, a petition must be filed with the Harvard Registrar’s Office to “divide the course with credit.” If this petition is approved, the mid-year grade will be applied to the student’s record for the portion of the course which they completed. If a petition is not filed, no credit will be given for the completed portion of the course.

Some full-year courses at Harvard are designated as “indivisible.” In this case, a student cannot petition to “divide with credit.” However, a petition may be filed with the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office to suspend the second portion of the course until the following spring.

The petition form in both these cases is available from the Harvard Registrar’s Office and both require the signature of the instructor. Particular attention should be paid to Harvard’s petitioning deadlines.

Questions about cross-registration may be addressed to the MIT Registrar’s Office.

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