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Substitution for a REST Requirement

Petition Form


To make a substitution for a REST subject, students must petition the Committee on Curricula, 5-115. The Bulletin contains a complete description of the REST requirement and the subjects that have been approved to fulfill it.


Because the list of subjects that fulfill the REST requirement is intentionally very specific, and because students are advised to complete this requirement early in their academic careers, the Committee rarely approves REST substitutions. The Committee will only consider a REST petition that has been approved by both the student's advisor(s) and by the department that offers the REST subject and the proposed substitution.


Deadline: None, although students are strongly encouraged to submit such petitions before the end of their sixth semester. However, petitions are normally reviewed by the full Committee, which does not meet during the summer months. Consult the meeting schedule for details.

  1. Complete the Petition to Substitute a Restricted Elective in Science and Technology (REST).
  2. Print and sign the form; then have it signed by your advisor and by an officer or administrator in the department offering the REST subject.
  3. Deliver the completed and signed petition to the Committee on Curricula, 5-115. The Committee will notify you by e-mail of its decision.

For Further Information:

Committee on Curricula
Catalog and Publications, 5-115
(617) 258-6412;