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Subject Levels and Credit Units

Subject Levels

In the Subject Listing and Schedule, all subjects are marked with either a U or a G to indicate undergraduate or graduate level. Undergraduate students should be aware when registering for graduate subjects that graduate credit will not be assigned. As an undergraduate student, your registration and transcript will always reflect U-Level credit.

Graduate students who register for undergraduate subjects will be assigned N-Level graduate credit. N-Level subjects cannot be used to fulfill any graduate degree requirements, but letter grades in N-Level subjects are used in the graduate GPA calculation.

NEW! Graduate students should note that the Faculty voted to eliminate the distinction between G and H level graduate subjects. Beginning in Fall 2015, all graduate subjects will be G-Level. As a result, you will no longer see an H-Level designation to any subject. This change will not affect the total number of units required to complete a graduate degree. For graduate students who have already taken a mix of G and H units degree audits have been adjusted to combine the G and H units to display the total units.

MIT Units (Credit)

1 MIT unit ≈ 14 hours of work per term

The Subject Listing displays MIT units for each subject as a series of three numbers (example: 3-2-7)

Numbers added together (3+2+7) = total credit for subject (12).

"Units arranged" indicates that the credit is arranged directly with the instructor.

Conversion to Credits/Semester Hours

Outside of MIT, students may be asked to report their MIT course-load in credits or semester hours rather than in MIT Units. MIT cannot offer official conversions of MIT Units to different credit systems. However, the following conversion is suggested:

3 MIT units ≈ 1 "semester hour" or credit
A 12-unit class such as 18.01 would translate into 4 semester hours or credits.