Autonomous Wheel Chair

In collaboration with Nick Roy, Seth Teller and a team of students from the Center for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Labratory (CSAIL), I am working on a project focused on the development of a voice controlled autonomous wheel chair. Current efforts target the development of technology to enhance user connectivity, improve safety and provide the infrastructure and communications platform necessary for autonomous navigation. We are currently assessing user needs, evaluating prototype applications and assessing mobility patterns among the staff and residents of The Boston Home, a long care facility for adults primarily with multiple sclerosis. In collaboration with the CSAIL organic indoor location discovery service we have deployed an indoor localization system at the Boston Home. We are now developing applications that demonstrate basic capabilities of future technology and evaluating them with residents and staff. My interests in this work relate to the development of interfaces for the mobility impaired, the impact of increased mobility on quality of life, and the development of user training and management polices to avoided technology aversion in health care.

Project Descriptions