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MIT Retirees
Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Traveling full circle

The Association of MIT Retirees established the Undergraduate Scholarship Fund in 2006 to express our appreciation to MIT and the many colleagues, mentors and friends who enriched our experiences and deepened our connection to the Institute. While we gratefully acknowledge our history, we also wish to contribute to MIT's future excellence through this scholarship fund which will provide financial assistance to an undergraduate student's life and learning.

We hope that this fund reminds scholarship recipients that financial aid at MIT relies upon many generous donors who give out of their affection for MIT and who care deeply about students.


Donations will be used by MIT for undergraduate student financial assistance in accordance with MIT scholarship assistance policies and procedures, with preference for students who are direct descendants or family members of retired MIT employees.

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Gifts in appreciation, celebration, or memory

All gifts of any size are appreciated. Donations may be made to commemorate or recognize a current or retired MIT colleague, mentor or friend or to celebrate a personal or professional milestone or achievement.This fund provides an opportunity for families and friends to share in the permanent expression of remembrance and appreciation. Contributions also may be made without a specific designation.

  • Appreciate: a current or retired MIT colleague, mentor or friend
  • Commemorate: a deceased MIT colleague, mentor or friend
  • Celebrate: a milestone or achievement
  • In Support of: an MIT undergraduate student

Scholarship recipients

Since the fund's inception in 2006, MIT's Student Financial Services has awarded eight scholarships.

The first award was made in the spring of 2008 to Laura Harris ’08, granddaughter of retired Lincoln Laboratory employee Paul J. Harris.  Laura was a Course VI (Computer Science) major from Clifton Park, NY, who worked on a UROP developing vision capabilities for a robotic arm.

A second scholarship was awarded in the winter of 2008 to Mary A. Hatch ’09, from McMurray, PA. After finishing her undergraduate education, she planned to enroll in medical school and specialize in both psychology and linguistics. Mary’s grandfather, Charles E. Muehe, Jr. ’52, was an employee at Lincoln Lab for 34 years.

Elizabeth H. Bellocchio ’10 from Haverhill, MA was named the 2009 MIT Retirees recipient. Elizabeth is the great-granddaughter of Karl Taylor Compton, MIT president 1930-49. Elizabeth studied abroad in the spring of ’09 through the International Honors Program, which took her to Brazil, South Africa, and Vietnam to study city growth and urban issues. She worked on a UROP for Professor Annette Kim which entailed traveling to Vietnam to study street life and sidewalk use in Ho Chi Minh City. She plans to pursue a career in urban planning.

Charlotte A. Clark ’14 from Pittsburgh, PA was named the 2010 and 2011 scholarship recipient. Charlotte is the granddaughter of William H. Ramsey ’51 (Course 6, Electrical Engineering) who was the director of special engineering programs including Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) and the Engineering Internship Program. Charlotte is interested in becoming a robotics engineer, specifically with programming and software. Describing why she selected MIT, Charlotte said, "I wanted to challenge myself further by going to a school that is known for being extremely hard in its course load." Charlotte graduated in 2014 with a major in Course 6-3, Computer Science and Engineering. She now works as a software engineer!

Benjamin T. Collins ’16 has been named the 2014 scholarship recipient. Ben, who is a three-time scholarship recipient, is the son of Timothy Collins ’89 (Course 15, Management Science) and grandson of Joe Collins. Joe retired from the MIT Alumni Association and serves as co-chair of the Association of MIT Retirees. We have had the pleasure to get to know Ben these last few years and to hear about his MIT adventures and learning experiences. Ben spent the summer in India through his UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) project in the Ideation Laboratory with Mechanical Engineering. His UROP project, researching possible applications of a solar thermal fuel being developed at MIT, was clearly enriching, both intellectually and personally. "Spending an extended period of time in rural India was an eye opening experience. The research is rewarding in itself because we are examining ways in which we can improve the quality of life for the people of India. However, the most important thing I took away were the special friendships I made with people vastly different from myself. It is only after living with a family halfway around the world that I have come to realize that all people are very similar at heart." To balance the rigors of academics, Ben serves as the vice president of Alpha Theta Sigma Chi fraternity and is a tutor in the Cambridge public schools. He is the co-president of the MIT Club Golf Team (the golf gene runs in the Collins's family!) and is a practice player with the MIT Women's Varsity Basketball Team.

The Association greatly appreciates your support of the MIT Retirees Undergraduate Scholarship Fund, as does Ben. "I cannot express in words how thankful I am for the help of my sponsors. MIT is a frustrating and demanding institution that pushes me to grow every day as both a student and a person. It is a place unlike any I have ever experienced, and it is because of your sponsorship that I am able to call it home. Thank you."

Recognition of those honored

The scholarship recipient will be notified that a portion of his/her financial aid package derives from the MIT Retirees Undergraduate Scholarship Fund. The recipient will also be encouraged to visit this site to learn about those honored.

The MIT Retirees AssociationBlossom Hoag, Emily Bassett, and Laura Carchia at the MIT Endicott House for the 2014 Spring Luncheon.

The MIT Retirees AssociationMembers walk the gardens of the Berkshire hills outside the Norman Rockwell Museum during the 2011 trip to the Berkshires.

The MIT Retirees AssociationLunch is served, al fresco, at the Terrace Café at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

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