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Thanks to John Finnegan, there is now a list of St. Ita graduating classes.

Here is my 8th grade class, the 1959 St. Ita's School graduating class. Links to other classes appear after this picture.

TOP ROW Rick Huston, Wayne Tull, Joey Gohman, Robert Fielding Lang, Steve Anderson, Neil Olsen, Steven Bezenjei, Ron Stack, Frank Baer, Anthony John (Tony) Jader (Jendrzejczyk),Ricky Baker, Mike Dolan

SECOND ROW: Therese McDonough, Mary Campbell, Roberta Stadtler, Pat Luthmers, Pat Walsh, Tom McHugh, Agnes Muranyi, Jeanne Mulvaney, Pat Lenihan, Jeanne Healy, Kathy Thornton,

THIRD ROW: Andy Murphy, Joey Connell, Billy O'Brien, Joe Iacullo, Tommy McNeela, Tommy Costello, Bob Ferrara (me) , Ray (my twin brother) Ferrara, Richard Edward Decancq, Robert (Bob) John Noone, John Michael (Mike) Long, Guy De Salvo, Daniel Feeney, Don Jonjack

BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Connelly, Carol DiMasi, Joanne O'Reilly, Regina Iacullo, Monsignor Picard, Sue Schmidt, Joyce Ernt, Jeanne Patrick, Joanne Gohman

And, thanks to Patrick Clancy, here is the 1958 8th Grade Class.

And, thanks to my sister Genevieve Connor, here is the 1957 8th Grade Class.

My sister Gen also saved some of her class photos. Here is a 1950 picture of her 1st Grade Class, the same one in 1957 graduation photo above. And here is her 2nd Grade Class. Please note Marty Noone, George Kapp, Terry Murphy and many other familiar faces in the photos.

Sister Leocadia, our sixth grade teacher, was a dear old Sister of Mercy. She had her hands full trying to keep a bunch of city kids in line. She did her best. That year we won the Margate Park basketball league; thanks to Tina Kapp for this picture, (which failed to name my brother Ray and got our address wrong).

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