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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Documentation DVD

This disc contains the Red Hat Glossary and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux manuals. It will help you become better acquainted with your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. You can use these indispensable guides to install, learn about, and configure your newly installed system.

Using this Disc

To view the HTML versions directly from the disc, click the HTML tab on the toolbar.

To view the PDF versions directly from the disc, click the PDF tab on the toolbar. If you want to print the manuals or parts of the manuals, it is recommended that you print the PDF versions.

To install the HTML versions of the manuals on your local system, click the Install tab on the toolbar and follow the instructions.

Finding the Correct Documentation

You need documentation that is appropriate to your level of Linux expertise. Otherwise, you might feel overwhelmed or not find the necessary information to answer your questions. Each manual is designed for a particular audience: