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Training and Certification

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Red Hat Training Units Voucher (10)

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Red Hat Training Units, worth $280 each, are sold in packs of 10. Each pack, worth $2800, is enough to purchase most courses including any in the RHCE track. The product code for a 10 TU bundle is MCT0115US. Once purchased, a 10 TU bundle acts as a training voucher. Red Hat courses can be taken by redeeming the requisite number of TUs. Any excess TUs are carried forward for future use, and can be combined with additional TU purchases to take further classes.

Terms and Conditions for Training Units:

  1. Training Units (TUs)
    1. Red Hat, Inc. provides training to Customers under this Agreement on a per unit basis. These units are referred to as Training Units (TUs). TUs can be purchased individually or in conjunction with other Red Hat products and services. Once purchased TUs are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash or credit. TUs have no cash value. TUs can only be redeemed for training seats in public, open-enrollment Red Hat training classes sponsored by Red Hat at a Red Hat training facility. Red Hat has the sole discretion where and when the TUs can be redeemed.
    2. Customer may enroll in training courses by redeeming the appropriate number of TUs.
    3. Customer must reserve seats in training classes by contacting Red Hat Enrollment Central (via email, web form, or phone). Customer should mention that they are redeeming TUs, and provide date of purchase and order number on Red Hat invoice.
  2. Restrictions
    1. TUs may not be redeemed or applied towards Red Hat eLearning, on-site training, or towards any other Red Hat training product or service.
    2. TUs must be redeemed within one year from the Effective Date. Customer is solely responsible for redeeming TUs prior to expiration from the Effective Date.
    3. TUs cannot be pro-rated or combined with any other discount, special offer, or coupon.
    4. Customer is responsible for assessing the participant's suitability for Red Hat training and enrolling into the appropriate course.
    5. Customer's designated participant will be required to enter into applicable training agreements.
    6. TUs can only be redeemed in the same geographic and currency region as purchased.

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