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Red Hat Cluster Suite

(1 year subscription)
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For detailed information on included support and scope of coverage, see
Red Hat's Service Level Agreements

Low-cost high availability for enterprise applications

For applications that require maximum uptime, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux cluster with Red Hat Cluster Suite is the answer. Specifically designed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Cluster Suite provides two distinct types of clustering:

  • Application/Service Failover - Create n-node server clusters for failover of key applications and services
  • IP Load Balancing - Load balance incoming IP network requests across a farm of servers

With Red Hat Cluster Suite, applications can be deployed in high availability configurations so that they are always operational—bringing "scale-out" capabilities to enterprise Linux deployments.

For high-volume open source applications, such as NFS, Samba, and Apache, Red Hat Cluster Suite provides a complete ready-to-use failover solution. For most other applications, customers can create custom failover scripts using provided templates. Red Hat Professional Services can provide custom Red Hat Cluster Suite deployment services where required.


Red Hat Cluster Suite can be installed on any x86-compatible Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

It includes a one year, annually renewable subscription to the following technologies and services: access Red Hat Network for one subscribed system, and access to enterprise support at the same level provided by the underlying Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription.

One Red Hat Cluster Suite license is required for each node in the cluster configuration.

All new customers require a minimum of 2 nodes ($998) for deploying HA (High Availability) cluster. Existing customers can purchase incrementals of single nodes online and will need to provide existing reg code at the time of registration for support.

Red Hat Cluster Suite Benefits

  • Scalable performance and high availability at low cost
  • Enhanced security by enabling failover protection
  • Server redundancy, including application failover and server clustering
  • Storage redundancy, including RAID and I/O multipathing
  • Network redundancy
  • Power system redundancy

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