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Red Hat Global File System

(1 year subscription)
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For detailed information on included support and scope of coverage, see
Red Hat's Service Level Agreements

Red Hat GFS allows a cluster of Linux servers to share data in a common pool of storage, allowing you to:

  • Greatly simplify your data infrastructure:
    • Install and patch applications once, for the entire cluster
    • Reduce the need for redundant copies of data
    • Simplify back-up and disaster recovery tasks
  • Maximize use of storage resources and minimize your storage costs:
    • Manage your storage capacity as a whole vs. by partition
    • Decrease your overall storage needs by reducing data duplication
  • Scale clusters seamlessly, adding storage or servers on the fly:
    • No more partitioning storage with complicated techniques
    • Add servers simply by mounting them to the common file system
  • Achieve maximum application uptime:

All new customers require a minimum of 2 nodes ($4400) for deploying clusters. Existing customers can purchase incrementals of single nodes online and are required to include existing reg code numbers at the time of registering for support.


Red Hat Global File System supports IA-32, IA-64, and AMD Opteron processors.

It includes a one year, annually renewable subscription to the following technologies and services: access Red Hat Network for one subscribed system, and access to enterprise support at the same level provided by the underlying Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription.

Red Hat Global File System Benefits

  • Servers write to a single shared file system, reducing cost and complexity of managing redundant data copies
  • No-single-point-of-failure enhances security and stability
  • Integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers and Cluster Suite
  • Simplified software updates and management
  • Makes cluster computing workloads serving (file, web, email etc.) easier to manage with higher throughput

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