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JBoss jBPM
(up to 4 CPUs)

Standard Subscription1 year 12x5 phone support, 1 year web, unlimited incidents,
4 business hour SLA
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Premium Subscription1 year 24x7 phone support, 1 year web, unlimited incidents,
1 business hour SLA
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JBoss Enterprise Middleware is also sold in 32 CPU Units. Purchases of 32 CPUs or greater include JBoss Operations Network and two Red Hat Developer Professional Subscriptions at no additional charge. Standard value discount may also apply. For more information, please contact sales.

For detailed information on included support and scope of coverage, see
Red Hat's Service Level Agreements

JBoss jBPM enables the creation of business processes that coordinate people, applications, and services. Designed for SMB and large enterprise applications alike, JBoss jBPM brings process automation to a much wider set of business problems, from embedded workflow to enterprise business process orchestration and BPM.

JBoss jBPM, like all JBoss Enterprise Frameworks, is modular. It runs with JBoss Enterprise Middleware, or any other Java EE middleware platform. It's available via subscriptions that include certified software, industry-leading support, updates and patches, documentation and multi-year maintenance policy

Support Option Support Hours and Response Times
(1-year phone/web)

North America: 9-9 ET M-F, Global: 9-5 GMT/CET M-F

1 hour critical incident response (4 hour normal)
Unlimited incidents
Red Hat Network Update *
(1-year phone/web)

24x7 Coverage

1 hour critical incident response (4 hour normal)
Unlimited incidents
Red Hat Network Update *

* Red Hat Network Update Module, a service that provides access to an intuitive graphical interface for managing system updates and errata, priority errata email notifications, dependency checking, and optional auto-update..

JBoss jBPM Benefits

  • Flexible and scalable process engine JBoss jBPM enables IT flexibility by supporting multiple-process languages with the same scalable process engine platform.
  • Pluggable architecture JBoss jBPM's pluggable architecture is extensible and customizable on every level: within the process engine, for each process definition, and every corresponding process instance.
  • Integration with JBoss Seam JBoss Seam is an application framework for simplifying and unifying the EJB and Java Server Faces (JSF) component models.
  • Easy programming model JBoss jBPM provides a process-oriented programming model (jPDL) that blends the best of both Java and declarative programming techniques.

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