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Red Hat Network Management Module

(1 year subscription)
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For detailed information on included support and scope of coverage, see
Red Hat's Service Level Agreements

The Management Module allows for increased management capabilities and scalability of Linux deployments in your enterprise. The Management Module features all the functionality needed to help your IT organization lower costs and increase productivity immediately.


The Management Module comes with the following functionality:

  • Systems grouping
  • Systems permissions
  • Scheduled actions
  • System search
  • Package profile comparison tools

Note: Modules can only be used with an existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. If you do not have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, please purchase one before you subscribe for this feature.

Management Module Benefits

  • Manage a group of systems as easily as a single system
  • Assign permissions for managing different groups or roles
  • Schedule updates to occur during maintenance windows
  • Search systems based on packaged, system information
  • Compare package profiles between systems to spot differences

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