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Red Hat Network Provisioning Module

(1 year subscription)
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For detailed information on included support and scope of coverage, see
Red Hat's Service Level Agreements

The Provisioning Module allows you to:

  • Manage the complete life cycle of your Linux infrastructure.
  • Deploy, configure, manage, update, and then re-deploy your Linux systems, all from a single GUI console complete with all the necessary enterprise functionality and controls.


  • Bare metal provisioning
  • Existing state provisioning
  • Multi-state rollback (includes snapshot based recovery)
  • Configuration management
  • RPM based application provisioning
  • Kickstart configuration writer

Note: Modules can only be used with an existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. If you do not have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, please purchase one before you subscribe for this feature.

Provisioning Module Benefits

  • Provision existing or bare metal systems using predetermined profiles or system cloning
  • Improve consistency by using RHN to manage and deploy configuration files
  • Undo problematic changes with snapshots and rollback
  • Use Provisioning to deploy Enterprise Linux, other applications, and customized configuration files
  • Kickstart writer lets you quickly create templates used for provisioning
  • Issue remote commands to perform additional pre and post install instructions

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