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Red Hat Linux System Administration Series

Price: $1620 CEUs: 4.0 Enroll Now

Enroll in all four courses in the series for $1620 - a $180 savings off the cost of enrolling in each course separately!

Red Hat Linux System Administration Series is designed for users of Linux (or UNIX) who want to build skills in systems administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux to a level where they can attach and configure a workstation on an existing network. This series builds on students' existing Linux skills to move them from being a user to learning actual Linux systems administration.

This series also helps prepare students for the Red Hat Certified Technician exam and, in conjunction with the RH253 series, the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam.


RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration 1: Installation, System Initialization  
teaches participants to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux, to perform post-installation configuration routines, to understand the boot up and shutdown procedure, and to understand how to start and stop individual services.
RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration 2: Kernel Services, Filesystem Management  
teaches participants about kernel modules and about adding additional diskspace to the system, including the use of disk quotas, software RAID, and logical volume management.
RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration 3: Users, Networks, Packages  
teaches participants how to create and modify user accounts, including the use of network authentication systems; how to administer Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux); how to configure network parameters; how to use RPM to install, erase, query, and verify packages; and how to use kickstart to install systems in a hands-free manner.
RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration Series 4: Administrative Tasks, Troubleshooting  
teaches participants to perform such administrative tasks as setting up printers; using cron to schedule administrative tasks; managing system logs; making backups; configuring the X server. In addition, this course teaches about troubleshooting, including the use of rescue mode.


Red Hat Linux Essentials Series or equivalent knowledge of and experience with the fundamentals of Red Hat Linux, including installation, file editing, and setting permissions

Course Access:

Each student has access to the course for a period of 6 months from the day of enrollment in the course.