Publication Criteria

AJP's publication criteria are guided by the “Statement of Editorial Policy.”

To be publishable in AJP, a manuscript must be written for, and also be useful, interesting, and accessible to, physicists from outside the specific subdiscipline that is the subject of the manuscript. This is perhaps the most important and often overlooked criterion for publication in AJP. Authors are urged to consider this criterion seriously as manuscripts that do not follow this guideline will be summarily rejected.

Technical correctness is a necessary, but entirely insufficient criterion for acceptance. Other expectations include clarity of presentation and a significant level of general interest to AJP's diverse audience. We entertain the editorial consideration of manuscripts from authors whose native language is not English as long as the language problems are limited to correctable issues of grammar and usage and do not extend to issues of overall organization and coherence or any other language-independent elements that cause confusion and interfere with the clarity of presentation.

Criteria that are useful in evaluating the appropriateness of the manuscript include the following:

Manuscripts that are not acceptable under any circumstances include but are not limited to the following: