Alumni Steering Committee

The steering committee has been meeting two to three times a year with the ESG Director and Associate Director of Alumni Relations since 1999. Its goal is to strengthen alumni connections with current staff and students and to assist staff in pursuing innovative academics and ESG community activities.

Current committee members are:

  • Alex Schwendner ’09
  • Andrea McGimsey ’87
  • David Henkel-Wallace ’88
  • David Maltz ’93
  • Gregory Moore ’73
  • Herb Lin ’73
  • James Rising ’03
  • Matthew Wilbert ’80
  • Melissa Gymrek ’11
  • Peter Fiekowsky ’77
  • Rich Hilliard (chair) ’76
  • Richard Ross ’78
  • Toh Ne Win ’02

Ex officio: Leigh Royden, Director, ESG; Bettina McGimsey, Community and Resource Development Associate

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