Music is an extremely important part of our family’s life. Check some of these links.

You can find some songs from all the bands below

What is here?

  1. Bullet Alexandra’s Melanoma Foundation Award

  1. Bullet Sleepy Dog:

This is the “pop” band we have. All my kids play or sing in the band

  1. Bullet Antares:

This is a progressive rock band from the early 80’s in Venezuela. I played with extremely good musicians that made up for my deficiencies. You can find some videos here.

  1. Bullet Postdata:

This is a pop band from the late 80’s. This was the time of the Latin American and Spanish pop. It was a golden era, with incredible bands like Mecano and Soda Estereo, etc. Again, I had the fortune to play with incredible musicians.

Sleepy Dog

Pop Band with my kids. The Link can be found HERE

This Band has one objective: we write songs for our family, about our trips, and our experiences. And then produce very embarrassing videos....

Earlier Bands in Venezuela


  1. BulletAntares was a progressive rock band formed around 1981. The founders were Juan Carlos Ballesta (Drums), Juan Carlos Bodington (Guitar), Nicolas Hermandez (Bass and Lead), and me.

  2. BulletWe were a progressive rock band with strong influence from Genesis, Grobschnitt, Pink Floyd, and Yes.

  3. BulletWe had two songs that made it to the radio and some of the top positions. This was a Rock Radio called Radio Difusora that supported local talent. One of our songs remained in the top of the charts for quite some time.

  4. BulletOur songs were, as all progressive bands, long and complex. Here you have an example of those. Videos can be found in YouTube or following the links below.

  5. BulletAl Este del Sol, al Oeste de la Luna

  6. BulletVientos del Sur

  7. BulletMundo de Papel


  1. BulletAfter Antares got dissolved Juan Carlos Ballesta, Nicolas Labropoulos (Guitar), Manuel Muñoz (Bass and Lead) and me formed a Pop band. I do not think we produced any video, but here you have a couple of songs.

  2. BulletSin Direccion

  3. BulletEn el Nueve

  4. BulletConversando en una Mesa



  1. BulletAntares (links to You-Tube or you can watch them below)

  2. BulletMundo de Papel

  3. BulletTelevision

  4. BulletYa No Creo en Ti

  5. BulletPeregrinos